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Suggest rich life of health and sustainability by facilitating mutual culture exchange between Japan and Overseas



Facilitate cultural exchange through music by exporting Japanese artists and importing artists overseas


Company Profile

Company Name:  INOUT WORKS LLC.
Date of Establishment:  May.13, 2021
Capital: 3,000,000 Japanese Yen

Representative’s Name:  Naoki Sekine
Location: Hoya-cho 2-9-4, Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan


Naoki Sekine profile

Professor, College of Sociology, Department of Business Management, Edogawa University

After graduating from Sophia University, I studied music business at New York University.
As a producer A&R at Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., I marketed lots of Japanese artists. Then, I transferred at Live Exsam Inc. as a chief producer, booking agent and tour manager for Japanese artists shows overseas. Also, I handled stage production for overseas anime & music festivals like Anime Festival Asia in Singapore, and Pentaport Rock Festival in Korea. For the last 10 more years, I handled 30+ Japanese artists as a booking agent and tour manager like SCANDAL, T.M. Revolution, Kousuke Atari, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, Maaya Sakamoto to name a few. I presented myself for music business seminars as a guest speaker, gave lectures at professional training colleges and universities, while contributed web media like Nikkei Cross Trend. I started a business for INOUT WORKS LLC. in May 2021, then started teaching music business at Edogawa University as a professor. 
Member for The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music
Music entertainment business is my specialized field. 

List of my books
“17 experts in music industry talks ~How to survive in the industry~” (Rittor Music) 
“Market Japanese artists overseas! ~All know-how about overseas strategy by practitioner”
(Nikkei BP)

“THE MUSIC BUSINESS ~Career Opportunities and Self-Defense”
“THIS BUSINESS OF MUSIC ~Marketing & Promotion”
(Ongaku No Tomo Sha)

“The Global Music Industry ~Three Perspectives~” (Routledge)




3 books of


Overseas Tours


Business Contents



Booking agent of festival, show, and tour overseas for Japanese artists


Concert promoter of show and tour in Japan for artists overseas / Booking agent of festival in Japan for artists overseas

What's Up

17 experts talk about how to make a living in the music industry
Publication commemorative talk event held!

A talk event titled ``How to make a living in the music industry told by 17 experts'' has been decided. As the author, I will talk about what the music industry is, what kind of work there is, and what kind of people are suitable for it. Anyone interested in this topic can participate, and there is no participation fee. Online distribution is also available. Date and time: December 23rd from 17:00 Venue: At Ochanomizu RITTOR BASE. For more information, please see the link below.
Please take a look. Litto Base is a studio we built in Ochanomizu with very good sound, and we host various talk events and live performances. If you are looking to get a job in the music industry or change your career, please join us.


November 29, 2023

My 5th book has been released!

My fifth book, ``How to make a living in the music industry as told by 17 experts,'' will be released by Ritto Music on Friday, November 17, 2023. This book was created after a music business seminar student at Edogawa University, where I work, said, ``I want to hear from people in various occupations in the music industry,'' so I decided to do the research myself and turn it into a book! This is the book I decided to put together over the past year. The target audience is students who want to work in the music industry, people who want to change jobs, and people who are currently working in the music industry. We are proud that the content is quite deep and covers the latest information. Please be sure to pick it up.

November 29, 2023

rirox 1st one-man live decided!

rirox's one-man LIVE to commemorate the release of their 1st album will be held at Shimokitazawa DY CUBE on Saturday, May 13th.
I have thoroughly laid out the concept lol
1st one man. This is also a once-in-a-lifetime event. As a staff member, we will do our best to make it a memorable performance.
Please come and take a look if you are interested. However, since the venue is small, there is a possibility that the venue will be over capacity lol.
thank you!


April 22, 2022

rirox's 1st album "Prescription" will be released!

The 1st album of salary working singer-songwriter rirox, which I produce, will be released.
Subscription delivery is 5/1
The CD will be available at Tower and Amazon in early May.
A modern DIY artist who multi-creates lyrics, composition, arrangement, TD, MA, artwork, and MV.
On the other hand, it's an unconventional concept album titled "Prescription."
This is a groundbreaking album that prescribes listeners with 11 types of medicine for various symptoms.
Only once at first. I would like as many people as possible to listen to this precious first album that will never be experienced again.
thank you.


April 22, 2023

Rirox's "Mata Oide" has been selected as the theme song for "Dear Japan - The moment when Japan becomes endearing", a joint project between Nippon TV Axon Co., Ltd. and Japan FM Network Co., Ltd. Please check this out for details.

April 4, 2022

rirox will be performing at AWA Artist Lounge every Thursday from 11pm starting February 24th.
Program “Riro Yasumi. ” Start!

February 16, 2022

I will be giving a lecture on overseas expansion of music at VIPO Academy.
​Date and time: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 18:00-21:30

December 16, 2021

Death Rider Takada's YouTube channel ``Music Business University'' is hosting overseas performances.
We had a talk. part) 2)

December 12, 2021

rirox will be appearing on “Musicuru TV” for the second time!
​We will announce a new song during the program, so please take a look.
Date and time: 12/13 (Mon) 25:26-25:56 (Kanto)  #musicruTV

December 10, 2021

rirox will appear on "Musicuru TV" next Monday, October 11th. First national terrestrial broadcast!!
It doesn't matter if it's real or recorded, please watch it♫
Date and time: 10/11 (Monday) 25:26-25:56 (Kanto)  #musicruTV

October 5, 2021


thank you!



Consulting service of festival, show, and tour  overseas for Japanese artists


Consulting service of festival, show, and tour  overseas for Japanese artists

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