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Wow, it's October!

Sorry for Japanese readers, but I felt like writing what I'm thinking in English.

It's a sudden decision. Hope you can read it through by using Google translation function.

Since I launched my company, almost 5 months will be passing by.

During those 5 months, I published a book, did a webinar, started teaching music business at university, and am tackling on couple of projects. During the same period, I also went to a clinic specializing in curing lower back, and have been rehabilitating it by doing a long walk every day and stretching whole body.

I'll be 56 soon, and recently started feeling my body gets tired easier than before. Of course, I'm swimming 1 kilometer every week, but I feel I'm aging physically. On the other hand, I feel I'm getting matured mentally compared with last year. I've read the most books this year in these 20 years. Let's say, I read

50 books or more for the last nine months. By reading books, I met many people, some of whom don't exist, others existed but are gone, and rest are still alive.

Some books are fiction, and others are non-fiction. Some are mystery, some are hard-boiled, and others are self-development.

During those days when I can't meet friends or business partner face-to-face because of COVID-19, I could talk to characters in those books, discuss, and argue with them.

It's a special experience.

What I want to mention here is that no matter what situation you might be, your books will take you anywhere, excite, and energize you.

Mentioned above, I still feel necessity of travel and meet people while drinking alcohol. Also I need music and live concert. Hope the situation will shift tomorrow gradually when state of emergency will cease and people will start meeting and drinking at izakaya and whatever place they can gather in the night.

See you someday soon either in Tokyo or your place on the earth!






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