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Lectures, seminars, contributions, media appearances

- 2023 -

12/23 “17 experts talk about how to make a living in the music industry”
                   Publishing commemorative talk event

9/17  Appeared on CNBC “Channel Japan” corner “The J-POP Philes”
The J-POP Philes shows a new trends in the J-POP scene _Channel JAPAN #22/2023 - YouTube

7/24 Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Web Seminar
              Presentation on “How Japanese artists can succeed overseas”

3/29 Nikkei Cross Trend
              “Music festival from Okinawa, disseminating Japanese and Asian music to both sides”
Contributed to “S”

2/15 “Industry Research Basic Course Vol.8” hosted by VIPO Academy
             Seminar on ``Entertainment Development in the Content Industry''

1/16 Nikkei Cross Trend

             Contributed to ``The potential for a hit in Creema's ``Nordic-style autumn festival''''


- 2022 -

10/19 Nikkei Cross Trend
               Don't turn off the lights at Ibaraki's festival! Contributed to “Management Professional Attracts 20,000 Customers with Local Love”

10/17 Nikkei Cross Trend
Contributed to “Four new trends in music festivals: “Web3” and “localism” are becoming more prominent”

3/16      “Industry Research Basic Course Vol.7” sponsored by VIPO Academy
               Seminar on “Overseas Expansion of the Content Industry”

2/25 Guest lecturer from ESP Gakuen Educational Corporation

- 2021 -

8/20 Mu Middleman Community
        Japanese artists are active in the world - Interview with the leading expert in expanding into Asia! ”Webinar presentation

6/21 Nikkei Cross Trend

Contributed to “500 Billion Yen Disappeared: Three Changes in the Concert Industry Due to the Corona Pandemic”


6/17 Nikkei Cross Trend
             Contributed to “The 7 Ps” of Marketing Thinking for Successful Overseas Performances

6/15 Nikkei Cross Trend
             “Bring J-POP to the world! Contributed to “Asian Music Market, Possibilities Expanding to Asian Entertainment”

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